About InstaPrintBali
Based in Bali since 2016, company works in several markets, including Instagram print stations for malls and media solutions for events and weddings. Right now, company is rapidly expanding by launching it's innovative vending Instagram print stations at other cities of Indonesia and around the world with help of easy and accessible franchising scheme.
Instagram Print kiosks
We are successfully operating two Instagram print kiosks in Bali, using software and backend developed by our engineers. Lots of tourists and locals are using our machines to print their Instagram photos.

As a new rapidly growing trend in a vending industry, these kiosks are also available for franchising in cities of Indonesia and around the world.
Photobooth for events
Bali has around 150 event organizers of various scale. We are currently working closely with 12 of them and aggressively increasing our market share by providing unique product and highest service quality. In a last 6 month we got 34 bookings and printed around 6000 photos.

Photobooth can also prints #hashtagged photos on events. Rent price is from 3 to 5.5 million per event + additional services. Depending on selected package we provide backdrop, props, photographer. Our costs per event are low, the profit is around 85% of event price.

Mostly we work on weddings – a photographer prints photo of posing guests on backdrops and give them photo as a memorable souvenir. We are also working with clubs and hotels as #hashtag printing works great for events and business, improving social network coverage of brand as people have to post pictures on instagram with event's hashtag to collect them in prints.
Streaming solutions
In march 2016 we started offering a new service – events streaming on Facebook. Now there is a boom of live streaming worldwide, so we hope it will be especially popular in Bali, as many friends and relatives can't visit an overseas wedding.

Streaming is edited live – with multiple cameras, microphone, and even drone. We can mix output with pre-recorded videos, graphic effects, etc.
In the last 6 months:
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